How to get rid of dark underarms. Natural Remedies

How to get rid of dark underarms overnight

Natural bleaching:

Natural bleaching of underarms can be done with the food items that are easily available and nearly used on daily basis. There are few fruits and vegetables that have naturally got the antibacterial antiseptic and acidic properties in them that can naturally help the underarm skin to get rid of the darkness factor and help it to look bleached naturally with it’s all the naturally blessed properties.



Potato can be very useful to help your underarm skin not look darkened or dirty all you need to do is take a potato slice it thinly and rub your underarm skin with a thin slice of potato it will help you very nicely or what you can do else with a potato is take a potato grate it properly so it loses the juice of potato and start applying the potato juice on your underarms let the juice dry itself on your underarms for about ten minutes and then you can easily rinse it with normal water,  you can also keep trying this remedy unless you get the satisfactory results.



Like other vegetables that have got natural elements in it cucumber is also enriched. Cucumber helps you to get rid of darker skin completely and will also help your skin to look brighter than before, now what you need to is take a cucumber slice it nicely and thinly and rub it on your underarms make sure you are rubbing it well and gently don’t be too much harsh on rubbing or you can also make juice of cucumber add few lemon drops to it and also can add the turmeric so that you can make the paste with all about ingredients, after making the paste apply it on your underarms let the paste be there like for around 3o minutes so it works properly and completely and you get your desired results, after it is dried up you can wash off the paste from your underarms with normal water again.

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Take a lemon slice it thick take a slice and rub it on your underarms skin or only at the darker area of your underarm skin this fruit will help you to get over the dead cells on the skin of your underarms and then wash it properly you can also use a moisturizer if your skin becomes dry  the other thing you can do with lemon is take a yogurt plain honey some turmeric and add it to lemon juice make a paste of all the ingredients and apply it on your dark skin leave the paste on skin for ten minutes and then you can wash it off with normal water.


Egg Oil:

Egg Oil

Omega-3 in egg oil will help you get over this problem of dark underarms , take an egg oil apply it on your underarms and leave it overnight wash it in the morning with a body was or soap this will help your skin to be soft and brighter.

How to get rid of dark underarms with baking soda

baking soda

Baking soda is used as a scrub to get darkness underarms disappear. All, you need to do, is take some baking soda and mix it with the amount of water that is required to make it a thick paste. Use this thick mixture as a scrub on your underarms. Tap your affected areas to dry after washing it off gently with water. Repeat it a few times a week to get better results.

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