Best Permanent Makeup Machines 2021 Reviews

Every girl can tell you that putting makeup on is therapeutic. It’s a way of taking care of yourself and making sure you look cute before heading out the door each morning.

However, there comes the point in life where it becomes a hassle to get up extra early just so you have enough time to get ready and paint your face, especially when you’re always in a rush to get to work.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up to a full face of makeup every day, but without waking up to stains and smudging on your bedsheets?

Or that icky feeling of cakey foundation? Or having to do your winged liner over and over again until you get it right?

Luckily, you can! Permanent makeup has become somewhat of a universal trend. You can have your brows or lips permanently done with tattooing from high-end salons to corner parlors to even your own home.

And when you opt for the latter, you can customize your permanent makeup however you want!

What is permanent makeup, and what are its different types?

It’s exactly what you think it is—makeup made permanent, or at least semi-permanent, by using innovative tattooing techniques.

Unlike the bold, black lines of traditional body tattoos, permanent makeup uses shading and soft strokes to mimic legit makeup.

Microblading is the most famous type of permanent makeup.

This treatment is for tattooing your gorgeous, feathery brows with a fine pen of permanent pigment, so you don’t have to spend so long creating hair-like strokes every day as you get ready.

But there are all sorts of permanent makeup outside of just microblading. You can get just-bitten and stained lips with permanent lip color, where you can flaunt a sheer wash of pink or red on your mouth.

You can even sport an eternal smokey eye to keep you looking fierce all the time if you wish.

If you love eyeliner, you can tattoo wings or cat-eye styles on your lids for a bold stare. You’ll never have to spend fifty bucks on a faulty liquid liner again!

Permanent makeup lasts about one to two years. After that, it could fade and be more subtle.

If you prefer to bring back your permanent makeup’s boldness, you can always do touch-ups at home with the machine of your choice.

Is getting permanent makeup painful?

The discomfort from getting permanent makeup done depends on which part of your face is being tattooed and how high your pain tolerance is.

Most of the time, your makeup technician will apply some sort of anesthetic or numbing cream, like in regular tattoo sessions.

This allows you to be more comfortable and not feel the raw, abrasive movements of the needle.

Microblading is probably the type of permanent makeup that hurts the least.

While it may draw blood, the method only requires gentle, hair-like strokes to make your brows look as natural as possible. The wounds are too small and may not be felt at all if your numbing cream is potent.

Many assume that eyeliner is the most painful permanent makeup to get, making sense because the skin around your eyes is susceptible. But you only actually feel a pinch or two when working on your lids.

Arguably the most uncomfortable and painful of all types of permanent makeup is lip shading.

Our lips are super sensitive and prone to puffiness and swelling, so don’t be surprised if it hurts to talk or eat for a couple of hours after your tattooing sesh.

Just remember that while applying permanent makeup can get quite uncomfortable, the stress and stinging will be worth it when you see your gorgeous, eternal makeup done—after all, pain is beauty.

Here are some of the best at-home permanent machines you can get your hands on:

MAX PMU Wireless Brow Machine

This versatile pen can be used for several permanent makeup techniques, from microblading to lip shading to creating tattoo eyeliner on your lids.

You can choose between three-speed controls for your needle to give you full control of how intense you want your permanent makeup to look.

It runs on two lithium batteries that can be recharged so as not to waste your supply. It’s low on noise to help you concentrate on applying your permanent makeup for fewer mistakes.

BIOMASER P300 Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine

This permanent makeup machine by BIOMASER works for micro-pigmentation of areas of your face that you want to tattoo and works to fight skin issues like scarring and tightening up loose skin.

With a single push of a button, you can switch modes from thick lines for your eyes and brows to sheer shading for your lips and eyeshadow.

The wand is noise-free and lightweight, allowing for precise control over your strokes with no distraction.

Charme Princesse Rotary Permanent Makeup Pen

This sleek, compact, ergonomically-designed tattoo pen is perfect for multi-function tattooing since it can deliver pigments for microblading, lip shading, and even tiny tattoos on the skin.

You don’t need a huge power system or pedal to operate this wand. It has a built-in control system that lets you adjust the speed of your needlework.

It boasts of a German 10W motor with a high working speed but without the noise and intense vibrations that can distract you from the job to be done.

Charme Princesse Wireless Permanent Makeup Machine – Rose Gold

Another permanent makeup pen from Charme Princesse is this chunkier rose gold variant. It runs on a 5W motor, which is still strong and not as noisy.

It allows you to do makeup on your brows, eyes, and lips effortlessly, all with one product.

The wand’s encasement is made of aluminum alloy, which is easy to grip to keep your hand steady as you work on your skin.

The machine comes with a pack of 15 tattoo needles to get you started on your permanent makeup tattooing journey.

Sonew Digital Permanent Tattoo Eyebrow Makeup Machine

This machine by Sonew comes in four different work modes. You can choose between lining, brows, and lip shading for makeup, and the fourth mode for microneedling for skin that needs brightening and rejuvenating.

It comes with an LCD screen to show you what mode you’re on and how you can use it properly to get the results you want.

You can customize settings on your machine like speed settings for your pen or an auto-lock to shut your device off after a set time.

M INTELLI Digital Permanent Makeup Machine

Here’s another one with a display screen to easily maneuver your permanent makeup machine. It has four modes you can work with, from microblading, microneedling, lip coloring, and lining your eyes.

The screen also shows you the speed at which you’re working, which you can also adjust with arrow keys.

It runs on German motors that last around three or four hours per charge, allowing you top-notch PMU quality and smoothness for as long as you need to touch upon your tattooed makeup.

Guapa Silver Permanent Makeup Machine

This silver microblading pen is rotation-stable, which means you can have precision and control over it effortlessly. It’s also low on noise and vibrations to allow you to keep a steady hand and be distraction-free.

It has a one-key operation for easy use for beginners and seven different speeds you can choose from.

This machine comes with fifty needles in the pack to help you get started off practicing your tattooing.

It’s also a great option for professional permanent makeup and tattoo artists who need an easy-to-use system with a ready supply of needles.

Pinkiou Microblading Pen

While this isn’t technically a battery-powered machine, it’s a high-quality, customizable set of microblading pens you can use to do manual tattooing on your brows.

It comes in three needle heads to help you get the exact shape of the brows you want. You can switch between them depending on how thick or feathery you want your strokes to be.

The color is a glimmering gold that’s perfect if you want a pop of color in your microblading or permanent makeup tool collection.

TATELF Wireless Permanent Makeup Machine Kit

If you’re looking to buy your first machine and have no other tools related to permanent makeup, this TATELF kit might be for you.

It comes with a makeup rotary wand, needle cartridges, some pigments for your eyes and lips, and a cord to recharge your machine.

The pen is relatively easy to use. Small twists to its body can adjust the speed of your machine, allowing quick adjustments without fussing with buttons or complicated LCD screens.

Mast Magi Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen

This permanent makeup pen by Mast Tattoo is excellent at getting realistic strokes onto your skin so that your makeup looks natural.

The secret is in its light strokes, ranging from 2-3mm in length, which is perfect for those who don’t want an overwhelmingly bold look.

The design of the pen itself is also very ergonomic. It’s lightweight and compact for ease of use. The encasement is made of high-grade, polished aluminum, giving it a sleek look.

Charme Princesse Wireless Rotary Permanent Makeup Pen with Digital Screen

This gold rotary pen is quite different from the others we’ve seen from Charme Princesse thus far because of its unique digital screen that displays its operational speed level of your choosing.

You can also use it wirelessly, which is perfect for the utmost control when doing permanent makeup.

This pen is fantastic for any type of permanent makeup you can think of, from microblading feathery brows to shading the lips for a just-bitten tinge of pink.

Solong Tattoo Permanent Makeup Rotary Tattoo Machine

This Solong pen is a hybrid between a bold body tattoo machine and a rotary pen for permanent makeup. It’s perfect if you’re into both traditional tattoos and the permanent makeup bandwagon.

It’s made with aluminum alloy with an anodized finish, making it look modern and sleek. It can fit most needle cartridges in the market, so you won’t have to worry about finding specific ones to fit the machine.

Arrow Wireless PMU Tattoo Machine

This pink and wireless permanent makeup pen is a breeze to glide across the skin because it’s so light and slim—perfect for beginners who get nervous around bulky machines and rotary wands.

While it’s tailored for the natural strokes required in microblading, you can also use the pen on any other area of your face, from your eyelids to your lips. That makes it versatile and multi-functional.

Guapa Microblading Tattoo Machine

This Guapa permanent makeup pen runs on a high-quality Japanese motor that provides efficiency and ease of use all in one. It’s easy to change up the mode and speed of your needlework on the buttons of its cord.

It’s excellent for fast and sheer coloring, and you never have to worry about ink splashing everywhere because of its steady needle. It’s also low on noise and vibrations.

Dragonhawk Rotary Tattoo Machine

If you want a permanent makeup machine with a pop of bright, fiery color, try out this red pen from Dragonhawk.

It’s terrific for thin and lightweight strokes and lines—perfect for microblading and subtle color on the lids and lips.

It has an aluminum alloy enclosure that’s easy to hold and just as easy to clean and maintain. It encases a coreless motor that provides high-frequency power but keeps your needle steady.


Permanent makeup is a godsend for ladies who love to look good but are a bit low-maintenance and want that extra fifteen minutes to sleep in every morning.

But when working on permanent makeup at home or doing touch-ups from your session last year, you must be sure of what you’re doing.

Ask help from a professional you trust if you have any questions or concerns, or read the directions in the box your machine came in until you’re 100% sure your method can give you the results you want.

Permanent makeup is increasing in popularity, so don’t be late to the party! Snatch up one of these permanent makeup machines so that you can look glamorous before you even get out of bed each day.



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