Best Skin-Tightening Machine for Home Use 2021 Reviews

As you grow older and start entering your golden years, you may notice weird new lines on your face when you smile or crinkle your nose, or even just blink.

Many women panic when they start seeing their skin sag a bit and look looser because of fine lines and wrinkles that are super hard to control and manage. Some just accept that they are aging and that loose skin is a way of life when you’re more mature than others.

But while you can’t exactly reverse aging and what it does to your skin, there are tons of ways you can prevent your skin from loosening up. For one, you can use skin-tightening machines at home to reduce the impact aging has on your skin’s appearance.

Why does skin lose firmness as we age?

Loose, saggy skin with lots of folds and wrinkles is often associated with old age and it kind of makes sense. As you get older, you lose a lot of the hydration, fatty acids, and proteins in your skin that make it taut and elastic, and so it starts to get looser.

Another culprit is how your epidermis becomes thinner as you age, making it more delicate and more susceptible to sagging.

Some essential skin nutrients you can lose out on as you age are collagen and elastin, two proteins that provide structure to the skin and keep it strong and elastic. When you age and have less of these, your skin won’t be as resilient, giving you a more tired appearance.

Too much exposure to the sun can also aggravate your skin’s tired, loose look because of its harmful UV rays that kill elastin. If you didn’t wear SPF daily as you grew older, you might be more likely to develop wrinkles, crow’s feet, turkey neck, and saggy skin in general.

Skin sagging can occur anywhere in your body, from head to toe. While many women complain most about their wrinkles in their forehead and smile lines, there are a lot of people who experience loose, unflattering skin by their hips, arms, and stomach too.

What can I do to tighten my skin again?

Luckily, you have many options when it comes to reducing the appearance of folds and lines in your skin, ranging from adopting a healthier lifestyle to being more proactive with surgery or facial treatments with your dermatologist.

One of the easiest things you can do to naturally tighten the skin is exercising. Facial and neck exercises can help tone your skin and tighten the muscles around it, making it look more firm.

Another easy and low-maintenance way to care for your aging skin is to simply eat a chock-full of food rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, and make sure you drink a lot of water regularly. Staying on top of your diet this way ensures your skin has the hydration it needs to be more elastic and firm.

You can also amp up your diet with some collagen supplements to replenish your skin of how much of the protein it has lost. If you love healthy drinks, you can even try yummy collagen juices!

When it comes to skincare products, make sure you have a reliable firming cream or moisturizer to feed your skin all the nutrients it needs to stay elastic. Ingredients you should look for include retinol, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid.

But if you want instant results with minimal effort, you could also check with your dermatologist if they can recommend surgery for your case. You can opt for a face or neck lift or even botox to get that youthful plumpness back in your skin.

But if you don’t care for risky surgeries and want something that isn’t so invasive, you can look for other treatments with less downtime and little to no risk.

These include heat, red light therapy, or radio frequency treatments that stimulate the skin with electro-waves to promote collagen and elastin production, boosting firmness in the skin.

Note that these treatments can also be pretty expensive, especially if you get them at a high-end clinic or spa. Fortunately, there are tons of at-home machines for skin-tightening that are a lot more accessible. Here are some of the best ones:

MLAY Radio Frequency Facial And Body Skin Tightening Machine

This MLAY machine uses the latest bipolar radio frequency technologies that allow vibrations to penetrate deep within your skin tissues. The frequencies stimulate collagen and elastin production to make your skin more firm and supple.

It rejuvenates and tightens the skin and reduces fine lines, folds, and stretch marks on the face and body. The machine makes your skin look younger and less tired in just a few weeks.

NuFACE Advanced Facial Toning Kit

This facial toning device from NuFACE is perfect if you’re looking for something that can sculpt and contour your bone structure while tightening the skin on your face. It’s made with microcurrents that stimulate and lift the skin to keep it healthy and firm.

The kit comes with a hydrating gel primer that preps the skin for your microcurrent session and enhances conductivity without harming the skin.

AMZGIRL 7-in-1 Face Cleaner Lifting Machine

This device by AMZGIRL uses both blue and red light therapy to purify and firm up the skin. The blue light works to remove impurities and blackheads from your pores, and a follow-up with red light smoothens out wrinkles and lines while contouring the face for an excellent lift.

The device emits high-frequency vibrations with consistent heat to help your skin absorb more of the nutrients in your skincare products.

MAKADY Haven 3-in-1 Body Slimming Machine

A slimming device like this one by MAKADY can help trim fats that make your skin look saggy and heavy. Massaging the skin on your body with this machine can help you achieve tighter skin by activating better skin cell metabolism and circulation.

It also encourages muscle exercise to tone your face and how your skin appears. Think of it as a workout for your skin.

Aside from removing fat, it also rejuvenates the skin so that it doesn’t look exhausted and fatigued.

Pure Daily Care Luma 4-in-1 Skin Therapy Wand

This therapy wand comes in three kinds of light therapy to target whatever skin issue concerns you most. It has a blue light to soothe and calm the skin, red light to tighten the skin and reduce lines and wrinkles, and green light to improve the smoothness over your overall tone and complexion.

It uses wave penetration technology to lift the skin and make it tighter. It also helps the skin retain more hydration and produce more collagen, helping it out in the long run when fighting skin aging.

NuFACE NuBODY Skin Toning Device

You can also use NuFACE’s microcurrent technology to firm up your skin all over your body with this toning device. If you have dimpled skin from cellulite or stretch marks, this device can smooth it out in just a couple of massage sessions for a sultry silhouette.

The gel primer in this kit is packed with hyaluronic acid, a hydrating humectant that is amazing for keeping aging skin moisturized, preventing any more wrinkles and lines from forming.

Silk’n Titan Anti-Aging Skin Tightening Device

This anti-aging, tightening device from Silk’n is unique because it uses collagen and elastin remodeling to repair and improve your skin’s overall firmness. The process strengthens your skin barrier and gives it a boost of elasticity for plumpness and a youthful glow.

It also reduces the appearance of skin aging on your face, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and even dark spots from too much sun exposure over the years.

TUMAKOU Professional High-Frequency Facial Machine

This machine comes with four different glass electrode attachments to treat your skin according to what it needs most.

There’s a mushroom electrode for tightening the skin and reducing wrinkles, a tongue tube for treating acne, a comb tube for stimulating hair growth, and a small bent tube to stimulate sensitive areas like under the eyes.

The machine produces a thermal effect that heats up the skin and softens the crevices and fine lines in your face over time.

Hepsun Anti-Wrinkle Face Massager

If your face and neck need extra stimulation and tightening, this Hepsun massager is fantastic for you. It has a concave shape that you can easily run across wider skin areas, like the cheeks and neck.

High-frequency vibrations are emitted to promote blood circulation, cell metabolism, and a slowdown of skin aging. When used with the blue light therapy function, the massager can also stimulate collagen synthesis while tightening loose, wrinkly skin.

EndyMed NEWA Skin Care System

This NEWA system is clinically proven to increase your collagen content in the skin in as fast as 12 weeks of consistent use. It was designed with 3Deep technology to firm up the skin of women with mild wrinkles, so it’s perfect for younger women looking for preventative measures for skin aging.

The kit comes with a moisturizing activating gel to enhance the conductivity of your vibrations, allowing it to sink deeper into the skin. The gel also works to make your skin more radiant and bright.

Neutrogena Microdermabrasion Starter Kit

This kit by Neutrogena makes use of microdermabrasion technology to exfoliate your skin and reveal younger, brighter, and firmer skin underneath. Micro-vibrations boost skin renewal and cell turnover to make your skin look healthier and more luminous.

It comes with a month’s supply of crystal puffs that slough off dead skin cells keeping your skin from looking its best.

VIJUVE Anti-Aging Face Massager

Aging skin needs the best nutrients to keep it from developing wrinkles and fine lines. This microcurrent-powered face massager makes sure your skin absorbs your skincare products deep in its lower layers so you can get the most out of the rich, age-defying ingredients.

It releases vibrations that promote collagen production in your skin, which you can use to battle fine lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles.

Project E Beauty Red Light Therapy Machine

This machine’s red light therapy can penetrate deep into your dermis layer to promote collagen production, thus reducing fine lines on your skin and firming it up instead.

It’s made of 40 small red light bulbs in total so that you can get the most efficient therapy treatment you can. But don’t worry, it doesn’t give off any harmful UV rays to damage your skin.

Tria Smooth Beauty Non-Ablative Fractional Laser

This charming purple laser can smooth out stubborn wrinkles and lines on your face, givingyou’re your youthful glow back and aging you down a couple of years.

It uses a non-ablative laser to create cellular disruptions and promote collagen production to improve your skin’s overall bounce, clarity, and resilience.

LYFT 2.0 by Nurysh

This facial massage wand uses galvanic technology through positive and negative ions to pull out dirt and debris trapped in your pores and simultaneously push down nutrients and vitamins from your skincare products to penetrate your skin deeper.

It also has biowave technology that tones sagging muscles, giving the appearance of tighter skin with less wrinkles and fine lines.


So if you’re dead serious about ensuring that your skin stays taut and firm for years, a home skin-tightening machine with a high-quality make is your best bet.

It can last you years and help you maintain your skin’s youthful elasticity and luminosity in just a couple of sessions per week.

Eating healthy and staying fit should be of the utmost priority. Still, it’s also a terrific top-up in your regimen if you incorporate skincare technologies through skin-tightening machines into your beauty routine.

Whether it’s through red light therapy or a sonic skin wand with a hot compress, skin-tightening machines will bring you close to your goal of getting rid of the sagginess and loose folds in your skin. Make sure your complexion is radiant, smooth, and firm with these skin-tightening machines now!



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