Best Unnatural Hair Colors for Warm Skin Tones

Sometimes you may want to change your look. Besides makeup or dress code, it’s a good way to change your hair color to improve your look.

There are some common shades, including red, brown, and black. These days, unnatural hair colors have become trending. In this article, we will talk about the best unnatural hair colors you should consider.

Unnatural Hair Colors to Try

Rose Gold

This color is one of the most common ideas you can try. It is a great blend of red, pink, and blonde. Therefore, your traditional color may feel alive if you try this color.

Besides, this one also has been around for some time today. It is a great consideration for all skin tones. Indeed, it is versatile. Moreover, it is an excellent option for almost all occasions.


Another great choice for warm skin tones is the teal. If you are looking for a radical makeover, you can try it. Moreover, it can also freshen as well as brighten up your appearance. This one is a rich color. It allows you to play with the color palette from dark, medium, to light one.

Therefore, you can find the perfect one to match yourself with ease. As mentioned above, this one operates well with all the skin tones.


It has become one of the most popular options for the past few years. This color is quite desirable. Moreover, this one is edgy and cool. If you are looking for a versatile color, you shouldn’t ignore it. It is sure to become great in all the ways you will style it.

Mint Green

When it comes to the best unnatural hair colors, you also shouldn’t miss out on the mint green hair color. It brings a hint of blue. It is a pretty pastel shade of green.

Moreover, it can work perfectly for not only warm but also cool skin tones as long as you choose the right shade. It allows you to choose anything from subdued to bright green. It depends on your preferences.

Cobalt Blue

If you want to have a bold, vibrant, and crazy color of the blue family, you can try this hair color. This option is a versatile color. Also, it is a head-tuner. It can work with the blue shades to give you something suitable as your preference and mood. It is right for all skin tones.

Scarlet Red

It is ideal for fall this season. This color is a bright and bold option. It is sure to change your look if you are finding one. Moreover, the color is versatile. It operates well with all skin tones.

Besides, you can find a bit of orange in scarlet red. If you want to make your face fresher and brighter, you can try this hair color.


This option is not a very welcoming hair color. Indeed, many people complain about orangy and brassy when going for blonde hair color. However, this color looks perfect on all skin tones. Therefore, you can try it even if you have a warm skin tone.


This color looks shiny and healthy. It is more like blonde and bleached hair. However, this one has a more metallic shine. This option works well for not only cool but also warm tones. It has a subtle warmth. Compared to the icy-blonde hair color, this one is more beige.


Unnatural hair colors are just fun, quirky, as well as experimental. Many people want to dye their hair with crazy hair colors since it is suitable for their needs. We cannot deny the fact that our hair color speaks about us a lot. Therefore, we may want to try out any of the above colors. You can try any of them without terrifying.

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