Do I Need Purple Shampoo for Bleached Hair?

Of course, you love your new look every time whether it is a drastic makeover or a minor change. Purple shampoo is used to directly brighten up yellows.

These products have been becoming a big deal for those who are a salon blonde. So, do you need purple shampoo for bleached hair?

In this post, we will discuss the benefits of purple shampoos. Then, you can determine if you should use purple shampoo for your bleached hair.

Benefits of Purple Shampoos for Bleached Hair

Remove the yellow

Looking at the colour wheel, you can easily see the yellow colour is direct across purple. Therefore, these colours are known as complementary colours. You can mix them together to form white light. Moreover, these colours are able to cancel one another out.

You can get the same time with your brassy hair, your yellow hair, as well as the purple shampoos. These shampoos can give your hair a more whitish look.

The colour purple is active. Therefore, it is essential to use purple shampoos that are rich, dark, and vibrant shades of purple.

Offer a cooler tone

Purple shampoo is an excellent choice to offer your hair a cooler, lighter tone. For instance, you will not see any change when applying purple shampoo if you own brown hair. The reason is that it doesn’t bring any effect on brown.

Moreover, purple shampoos can also lighten a bit the colour of blonde highlights. It is sure to remove the yellow. At the same time, it offers you a cool colour.

Besides, these shampoos are beneficial to light brown hair with orange tones because they can decrease orange hues.

Decrease bleaching time

The fact is that you may need to bleach your hair once, twice, or more times to get your expected colour. However, you will have to pay a lot of money for this. You should think about using purple shampoo. It can allow you to reach your goal in a shorter time.

Who are Purple Shampoos for?

These products are for people who have light hair. As mentioned above, the purple shampoos can remove the yellow. At the same time, they can keep your hair beautiful and bright. These shampoos can work for you:

  • Platinum
  • Blonde
  • Silver/grey
  • Very light brown
  • Pastel
  • White

However, you can just use these shampoos for light coloured hair. Therefore, they don’t work anything for those who are a full brown-hair. On the contrary, they work perfectly for people with blond highlights. The purple shampoos can help them to keep their highlights in control.

The same thing occurs for people who have ombre hair. They also will not affect darker hair. Therefore, you have not to be concerned about impacting your regrowth.


If you own bleached hair, you need to use a purple shampoo. Indeed, it should be a must-have item. If you experience a dull shaded head of hair. This problem happens regularly after you leave the salon. In this case, you can use purple shampoo instead of re-dying your hair. It promises to keep your blonde cool and bright.

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