Tanning Salon Near Me: The Best Tanning Beds Near You!

If you have searched for a “tanning salon near me” in your search bar, you’ll find lots of information to help. You can compare reviews and prices as well.

This background check is necessary to help you get the best service to suit your needs. If you are also searching for “tanning beds near me” or “tanning places near me” you’ll find information on them.

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You can see what services a tanning salon offers, their opening time, as well as discount offers they have.

You can also opt to visit the salon and get it done instantly.

Services offered at tanning salons

  • Local tanning salons may offer some of these services:
  • Stand-up tanning booths
  • Lay down tanning beds
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Spray tans also called sunless tanning
  • Massage
  • Teeth whitening

They may also sell associated products such as swimsuits and lotions.

How much does tanning cost?

Tanning salon services do not have a standard rate for pricing. The rates will vary because of the extra packages involved in the process.

Rates for airbrush tanning differ from tanning on a tanning bed. Also, customized services cost more than regular tanning salons.

Deals, special packages, and membership may also come in handy to save costs. Indoor tanners can also help save costs.

These prices below will throw some light on what you should expect to pay. The price may not be precise, but you can compare prices to determine if you’re paying a reasonable price for the service.

The first single visit may cost up to $8.00. But going ten times maybe around $40.00. One spray tan session can cost $29.00, or even up to $55.00 when you pay repeated visits in one month.

Prices can differ depending on the quality of the booths and beds the salon has. This is because some beds may focus on the UVA rays to cater to fair-skinned people

It helps prevent burning while promoting an even tan. Other salons may feature special bulbs for face tanning.

Remember that you should not place too much emphasis on price and focus on the quality of service.

You get what you pay for still applies when you go tanning. Consider this and weigh your options to find an affordable package.

Also, if you have a lighter skin tone, you may have to pay more for the first set of sessions. Don’t worry; this is standard procedure.

It is more expensive for lighter skin because it takes more time to bronze the pale skin. It also means that you will have to use a top-notch UVA bed and it costs more per visit.

How to pick the best tanning salon

There are lots of tanning salons and finding one that suits your needs may be difficult. However, it is important to know that some of these salons are likely to be far better than others.

Don’t just go for the cheapest on the list as this could be a wrong move. Pay attention to the tips below to prevent wasting money and your time.

Good customer service

A good tanning salon must have excellent customer service. For example, the atmosphere and staff should be professional and welcoming.

This can be evaluated within a short time, without having to commit to a future appointment.

To achieve this, you need to visit the salon and ask the staff to give you a tour of the spot. When you do this, you can look at the salon critically and evaluate cleanliness, equipment, and staff.

Ensure that all regulations are followed especially when it comes to using the standard and necessary protective eyewear.

If you ask questions, you will know if the members of staff are friendly in answering questions. You can also evaluate how knowledgeable they are while you go on a tour of the facility.

If they show genuine confidence in their answers, you may consider booking an appointment at the tanning salon.

Remember that the main thing you need to discuss is the best tanning solution for your skin type. This will give you some insight into what services you will need.

Pay attention to the maintenance of the machine and its attachments. The maintenance level will reflect the quality of tanning to expect.

You can ask to see the inner compartments of the tanning beds. This gives you a clearer view of the cleanliness of the machine.

Personal preference

Your personal preference is also important when you’re choosing a tanning salon. This is the only way to get excellent results.

You need to also find out how many sessions you need and the opening time as well as the tanning options available for you.

Asides your personal preference, you should also consider other aspects when searching for the right indoor tanning facility.

The first step should be getting a recommendation from health care providers, family, friends, or even a dermatologist. Subsequently, you will need to consider the available packages for discounts and special packages.

Extra services

You also need to search for all the extra services that the tanning salon can provide. One example is eye goggles offered by a good tanning salon.

This helps protect your eyes. Other health assessments before tanning or quality tanning lotions are other extra services you should look out for.

You may need a personalized program to maintain your tan for as long as possible. Find out from the salon whether they provide a special program for this purpose.

Since you have lots of options in your vicinity, you need to choose one that offers you something extra to improve your experience.

What should you bring for your first session?

If you don’t have experience with spray tanning, these tips will help you. You need to go to the tanning session with comfortable clothes.

The clothes should be old as well. This is because of any likely stains that may remain after tanning. Will you need a tanning lotion with a bronzer or will you prefer a spray tan.

When it comes to tanning lotions, a tan accelerator kick starts your bronze. You may find one for sale at the tanning salon, or you can opt to purchase one before going to the salon. This will save you money. Some products to consider include:

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

This tanning lotion is a popular product on the market, and many salons recommend it for different skin tones.

It has a nice tropical cocoa butter fragrance. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. It also protects tattoos against fading.

Also, it does not intensify the effect of tanning to deepen the skin color as quickly as possible despite not being a tingle lotion.

This is why it contains tyrosine and melanin to increase the effects of pigmentation. Its BodyFit technology reduces cellulite appearance on the skin as well.

Asides the tanning lotion, you may need to get goggles to protect your eyes during your tanning session.

Many salons offer some stickers in place of goggles, but the latter provides more protection without creating a raccoon eye look.

Super Sunnies Flexible Tanning Bed Goggles Eye Protection UV Glasses

This goggle is made stateside among a few of its kind. They also meet the standards of the FDA for UV protection.

The device blocks up to 99% of UVA as well as UVB rays.

They are also quite flexible and come with a high bridge and an elastic band. This keeps it on smoothly without leaving any tan lines.

Two things you should not do before going tanning

You should avoid doing two things before going for your spray tan or suntan appointment. They are waxing or exfoliating on the same day as the tan.

This is because they make your skin too sensitive. Avoid doing them on the day of the tanning. Two days or a day before going to the salon is just fine.

This doesn’t mean that exfoliating is bad for tanning. It is a great way to get the skin ready as it removes all the dead skin. However, it must be done a day or even two days before.

After tanning, do not shower for a few hours as this may rinse away the work the tanning accelerator has done.

Also, you should moisturize after showering. This should be a routine activity every day after tanning. It keeps your skin healthy, and this may help retain the sun-tanned color for a longer time.

Spray tanning, tanning at a salon or outdoor tanning?

There are a lot of arguments about which is the best. Some are safer than others, and all have their risks.

Spray tanning or self-tanning is more popular today because of the improvement of technology; it is unlikely that you will become burnt and orange-colored if you follow the directions. Also, having a light base tan enhances your natural color.

This method is arguably far safer than tanning with natural sunlight because you won’t be exposing the skin cells to the UV radiation. Also, the cost can be compared to using a tanning bed.

The tanning booth or bed is far easier than tanning outdoors. This is because the bed supplies only controlled amounts of sunlight that contain less UVB which can cause sunburn. Brief repeated sessions can help build up a tan.

Tanning outdoor is free, but you should always use sunscreen.

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